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Photos depict moments in life that are sometimes forgotten. Moments that can never be repeated. I endeavour to capture timeless moments that you can treasure forever
– Melanie Wilkes



Melanie Wilkes, owner of Captured Dreams, is a Brisbane based photographer. She has worked in the industry for over six years, graduating from a two year photography course before employment at a renowned photography studio. Melanie established her photography business in 2009, and has since worked with many happy clients, skilfully capturing their special moments – a bride and groom’s first kiss to a newborn’s first smile. Her passion is photography and she particularly enjoys photographing newborns, family portraits and intimate weddings. Melanie also loves animals and delights in capturing their unique personalities through her photography. One of her favourite subjects is Meeko, her gorgeous Samoyed.


“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”


10 questions with Mel:             


What do you love? I love chocolate, wine, strawberries, gym, spending time with family and friends, staying up late, sleeping in, Meeko, the beach, holidays, shopping. I love giving and receiving presents. I love romantic stories, songs and movies. I am a sucker for Love, so naturally, that is what I love to capture.


Who do you admire? I admire Ryan, my partner. He is my rock and supports me with all my ideas and motivates me.


What inspires you? When it comes to photography, I guess I am inspired to capture memories. It’s important to have photos to look back on. I’m sad that we don’t have any photos from when I was a kid growing up.


I once photographed a friend of mine who had just finished his personal training course and wanted photos. He hadn’t told anyone he got these photos and two weeks later, he passed away from meningococcal meningitis. This really brought home what memories are held in a simple photo.


What are your favourite things? Taking Meeko to the park, going out to dinner, designing houses with Ryan. Anything on the water, swimming. Shopping and cooking. Love Child and Bondi Vet are my favorite shows.


What is your perfect world? One without animal cruelty.


What is your life’s goal? To live a happy life and meet lots of people.


How would you describe yourself? Happy, loving, caring, patient, caring, fun, passionate, giving. I like pretty things. I can never turn off from work, my mind never stops.


What do you believe in? That dreams do come true!!! Never stop dreaming! That everything happens for a reason. LOVE, love at first sight, Happily Ever Afters, Karma.


What do you dislike? I don’t like spiders, cockroaches and snakes but I can’t bear to kill them. I’m not a fan of camping and I hate sand in the bed. Hate ticks, too!


What is your favourite memory as a photographer? This is a hard one. There are so many!!! I love seeing my clients’ faces when they receive their photos. My first birth experience was amazing. The magical feeling on wedding days. The cute little giggles of babies and children.



Photographic Work 


Melanie’s unique style of photography is best described as sweet, modern and pure. She achieves this aesthetic with prop styling and natural and studio flash lighting. Melanie strives to build a rapport with her clients and create fun and rewarding photography sessions. Mel owns a small studio in the Redlands but is presently planning the construction of a brand new photography studio. She is available to travel to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
Melanie is currently focusing on Birth and Newborn photography but she offers her photographing services in other specialties. Her previous work includes Commercial, Wedding, Maternity, Family, Event and Animal photography.


Melanie also conducts styled photo shoots for newborns and children, using bought and handmade, bespoke props.